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Get the phone you want, on the network you want, for LESS than what the major wireless carriers charge! This information is for wireless users who currently use Prepaid or a wireless carrier that's not one of the 'Big 3' and get an even lower plan price.

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The Cheapest Wireless Plans and Carriers
Plans are charged monthly and are priced at $15 or less.

Plans Starting at $5:

Tello Talk & Text plans start as low as $5 and plans with Data can be less than $10. Tello is carried on the T-Mobile network. Read the Tello Review.

US Mobile
US Mobile has several advantages and at $5 you get 2,500 Talk Minutes or Texts and 500 Mb Data. Read the US Mobile Review.

Plans Starting at $9:

Gen Mobile
Gen Mobile offers a low-cost version of Boost Mobile's Prepaid with plans starting at $9 that include Unlimited Talk & Text and 1 Gb Data. Gen Mobile uses the networks of 3 national carriers.
Read the Gen Mobile Review.

Red Pocket
Red Pocket offers a choice of networks with plans at $10 that include 500 minutes Talk, 500 Texts, and 500 Mb Data.
Read the Red Pocket Review.

T-Mobile Preaid
T-Mobile "Connect" plans with Data start at $10/month for 1,000 Talk minutes, 1,000 Texts and 1Gb of Data. Read the T-Mobile Prepaid Review.

Plans Starting at $15:


Twigby plans at $15 per month have Unlimited Talk & Text and 1Gb of data. Promotional prices start as low as $5 for the first 3 months. Twigby is carried on the Verizon network. Read the Twigby Review.

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile has numerous benefits for just $15 per month for Unlimited Talk & Text and 5 Gb Data. The price can be even lower with a longer term payment. Read the Boost Mobile Review.

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile saves you money by offering longer spans between refills. You can sign up for $15 per month for Talk, Text and 5Gb of Data with a 3-month plan. They have other plans and promotions, that include more data for your $15. Read the Mint Mobile Review.

Prepaid Plan Price Chart
Find more plans with at least 5 Gb of data priced at $25 or less..

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