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OZ Knowz Wireless Inside Information: 

OZ Knowz What Network They Use: 
The OZ knows the answer to the question: "What Network Do they Use?" or which Prepaid carrier uses the facilities of which network.  You can choose an "alternative" and still be your favorite cellular network.

OZ Knowz "Back Door" Voice Mail Numbers: 
Numbers that give you access to your local cellular voice mail system.

OZ Knowz that Battery Chargers are Free at (Some) Hotels:
If you forget yours while traveling, ask your hotel for one left by another guest.

OZ Knowz When You Can't Make a Call, Try Text Messaging:
Text Messaging can get through in areas with poor cellular service or during an emergency. Many 911 centers now accept Text Messages for emergencies.

OZ Knowz How to Get Cheaper Wireless:
The OZ guide to cutting your wireless bill down to as low as ZERO!

OZ Knowz How to Get Out of a Contract:
If you happen to be stuck in a contract, here's how you to get out of it at little or no cost.

OZ Knowz Where to Find Better Coverage Maps:
Get more maps than those shown by the carriers, some with lots more detail.

OZ Knowz Discounts on Wireless Phones and Service:
If you're buying a wireless device, make sure you check OZ's sources for the lowest prices on phones and other wireless products.

OZ Has a Discussion Forum:
When The OZ finds a tasty morsel of cellular secrets he talks about it in the Wireless Noise discussion group.
OZ Knowz How to Send Email to Text Message Addresses: 
You can send a Text Message as easy as sending an email...no phone needed!

OZ Knowz About FREE Emergency-Only Wireless Service:
There are phones that give you access to first responders with NO monthly charges!

OZ Knowz Employee Discounts on Wireless:
You can get a hefty discount on cellular based on where you work.  The OZ has the list of links and eligibility.

OZ Knowz How to Get FREE Wireless Service:
This is not a gimmick, there's more than one way to end up paying NOTHING (or almost nothing) for your wireless service!

OZ Knowz You Can Hate Your Carrier But Love Their Network:
Escape (or hide) from your current supplier of wireless service but still use their network infrastructure.

OZ Knowz How to Identify the Carrier & Location by Phone Number:
Most cellular numbers can be tracked back to the carrier and the location.

OZ Knowz How to Keep Your Wireless Number:
While you don't "own" your wireless number, you can take it with you when you change carriers, wireline or wireless.

OZ Knowz About LifeLine and Link-Up Plans:
These are programs that provide FREE or discounted cellular service if you receive one of a large number of government support services.
OZ Knowz MVNO's:
Mobile Virtual Network Operators. These "virtual" networks deal with all your customer-related issues, including providing your SIM and phone, but they use the major carriers' wireless networks.

OZ Knowz Where the Cell Sites Are:
The carriers don't want cell sites to be easy to find, but with a few links, a few maps and some detective work you can narrow down the possibilities.

OZ Knowz You May Not Be Saving Money on Your New Plan:
Do the Math on your wireless plan to make sure you're getting the best deal.

OZ Knowz Phone Number Management:
OZ has everything you wanted to know about your wireless phone number and how to change it, hide it, or get one where you want it.

OZ Knowz How to Get Your Voice Mail When Roaming:
Your phone works differently when you're roaming, especially out of the country.

OZ Knowz Wireless Secrets:
A popular page of cellular secrets you didn't know to look for.

OZ Knowz The Cheapest Wireless Plans:
There are plans with lots of Talk, Text and Data for as little at $10/mo.  With a few restrictions your cost can be less, even down to FREE!

OZ Knowz How to Switch to a New Carrier:
The OZ how-to guide to changing wireless carriers and how to do it right.

OZ Knowz Voice Mail "Back Door" Numbers:
Numbers that give you access to your local cellular voice mail system.
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